Ecuador Ends Novel Plan to Save Rainforest

After several years of trying to protect one of the most undeveloped parts of the Amazonian rainforest, Ecuador has ended an attempt to get the rest of the world to contribute money to offset that nation’s need to exploit the region for its oil wealth. The Yasuni National Park is an incredibly biodiverse, undeveloped region […]

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Recycling CDs for Wastewater Treatment

Someone has finally come up with an upcycling use for old CD discs. Din Ping Tsai, a physicist at National Taiwan University, has developed a small, low-power method for treating wastewater using UV light and zinc oxide applied to the CDs. Using old CDs as a substrate to coat with zinc oxide provides a low […]

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Fisk trues av tangbeltedød   Interesant artikkel i av journalist Arne Finne i samarbeidmed Universitetet i Nordland. Her får du høre om det store tangbelte som strekker seg fra kysten syd i Spania  og helt opp til nord i Norge. Hvordan tangbeltet er i ferd med å  forsvinne fra  kysten utenfor Bretagne i Frankerike. Dermed forsvinner også oppvekstområdeene […]

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