Renewable energy using rocks? Scientists figure out how to successfullysplit hydrogen gas from water

(NaturalNews) French scientists have stumbled upon an amazing new way to generate usable hydrogen gas from water (H20) that requires no oil, gas or other fossil fuels. According to BBC News, the Earth-friendly technique involves using the mineral olivine to naturally split hydrogen atoms from H2O, a process that some researchers say could revolutionize renewable energy […]

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Ocean Warming Faster Now Than in 10,000 Years

Dan Vergano National Geographic Published October 31, 2013 The ocean depths may store more heat from global warming than suspected, suggests a 10,000-year record of past ocean temperatures measured in Indonesian seafloor cores.  At the same time, since 1950 Pacific Ocean waters have been warming at a rate 15 times faster than the rest of […]

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Anti-cancer fungus found to naturally eat away plastic waste

What if it was possible to eliminate much of the world’s otherwise very-slowly-biodegrading plastic waste using a natural Amazonian fungus? Well, it just might be, thanks to research conducted by Jonathan Russell and colleagues from Yale University’s Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, who recently discovered that Pestalotiopsis microspora effectively eats away polyurethane (PUR) plastics, […]

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How Biological Farming Can Transform Our Food Supply for the Better

By Dr. Mercola Jerry Brunetti, an internationally renowned speaker, is the founder of Agri-Dynamics, a company that provides holistic animal remedies for farm, livestock, and pets. He’s also a co-founder of EarthWorks Natural Organic Products, which provides products and consulting services. Brunetti is a cancer survivor who can say he saved his own life employing […]

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Enorme søppelmengder truer med å utrydde dyreliv

Kaster vi noe på sjøen, driver det vekk eller synker til bunns. Men borte blir det ikke. Enorme søppelmengder truer nå med å utrydde fugler og pattedyr. Og aller verst er plasten. VG Nett følger Klimatrusselen Midt ute i det enorme Stillehavet, ett eller annet sted mellom østkysten av Japan og vestkysten av USA, driver […]

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