NANOLEAF The world´s most energy efficient lightbulb!

Successfully funded on Mar 2013 via a kickstarter campaign, The NanoLeaf takes energy efficient lighting to the next level.

Made up of flat PCB folded into a 3D structure Each bulb has an estimated run time of 30,000 hours equivalent to a standard 100W unit and generates 1600  lumens.

NanoLeaf’s bulbs operate at a lower temperature thanks to using LEDs, but they also have «over-temperature protection» to avoid overheating. In addition to cool operation and great efficiency, they’re also constructed without mercury or lead.

The Nanoleaf bulb reaches maximum brightness the instant you flip the switch.

Using the Nanoleaf can save up to 88% of electricity than incandscent bulbs.

The Nanoleaf is the first LED bulb made with printed circuit board technology. Its unique design convention allows for the many color and design options Unlike other LED light bulbs, the NanoLeaf bulb directs light in all directions. This allows for light to be distributed evenly, comparable to traditional light bulbs

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