Miguel and a changing environment

While looking at some of these issues in El Salvador, I met a farmer, Miguel. He had fought in the CIA funded Salvadoran Civil War (1979–1992) and had finally settled, as did so many of the exhausted FLMN fighters, in the Lower Lempa Valley in the south of the country. These are strong people, not just physically but psychologically. People who understand more than they are told. People who still thrive in communities that continue to sustain some kind of cultural identity.

Miguel was not to be the subject of the commissioned film, he was not a full time farmer, and his philosophy too raw for certain audiences. Being a very opinionated and passionate man, he wanted to talk, he wanted to sing, and he wanted to tell the world that although he may not be a scientist, he knew what was happening to his environment, our environment, and who was to blame. So I filmed him and said I would make a small film to help him communicate with some of the 7 billion people on this planet. This is Miguel’s film.

With thanks to Miguel and his family and the community of the Lower Lempa, El Salvador.

Music by Proyección Activa.

Ariel footage thanks to the wonderful flying skills of Robert Hendrix and his micro-lite in California.

Field translations by Cristina Alonso ~ cristina669@hotmail.com

For more information please visit CESTA ~ cesta-foe.org.sv/
FoEI ~ foei.org/

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