Heat, Rinse, Repeat: A Sauna Hut in Sweden

by Christine Chang Hanway

In Scandinavia, the ritual of sauna and bathing is a national pastime—a highly social and communal one, we might add.

How could it not be? Sitting together intimately in close quarters, conversing about everything and nothing, followed by a quick group dip into an invigorating cold body of water. Repeat several times, have a nightcap, and start over again the next day. Join us on a tour of an exemplary spa structure by Windgardhs.

Photographs via Windgardhs, unless otherwise noted.

Above: Annexed to an old farm in the countryside of Västra Karup, Sweden, the Mill House and its pool were designed by Swedish architecture firm Windgardhs, commissioned by a family from the nearby city of Malmö.

Above: A succession of woven willow screens creates a path to the Mill House.

Above: The sauna pavilion features an indoor/outdoor feel; photograph via Man Make Home.

Above: The Mill House serves as a guest house to the main farmhouse; image via Coester.

Above: Natural daylight connects the sauna to the exterior.

Above: The guest house and sauna are nestled into the landscape.

For more spa inspiration, see Outbuilding of the Week: An Island Cabin, Sauna Included.


via: gardenista.com

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