ecological treatment of the aquatic landscape.

Natural Treatment

The Biomatrix system is an engineered floating ecology designed to optimize powerful ecological treatment processes within an attractive feature of the aquatic landscape.  The Biomatrix combines the latest developments in ecological engineering with new biofilm research and traditional wastewater treatment processes.  Whole system engineered ecologies provide an energy efficient, low life cycle cost treatment solution.

Biomatrix systems are ideally suited for contaminated canals, rivers, lakes and reservoirs; as well as providing effective treatment of high strength waste in purpose built lagoons and treatment cells.



High Strength & Low Cost


The Biomatrix Islands have a durable design and efficient construction, at a fraction of the cost of the comparative systems. The main system components can be manufactured off-site allowing even large Biomatrix systems to arrive on the construction site by truck with all of the main components ready for assembly and installation.



The systems are designed in sections, which can be configured in attractive natural shapes.  The Biomatrix unit can be designed to blend with the existing waterscape in strategic locations where performance can be optimized.  The system can be configured along the edge of the waterway, or centrally as islands or archipelagos.

Floating Structures

The Biomatrix system can incorporate variable levels of buoyancy from 10kg/m2 to over 100 kg/m2. The use of different levels of buoyancy allow areas of walkways, floating bridges, pavilions, boat docking sites or public artworks to be integrated with the treatment system.


Veden Taika Collaboration with Artist Jackie Brookner. Photo by Jackie Brookner.







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