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The Bank Pyramid Scheme

The bank works by way of a pyramid scheme, one which is deceptively legal – although if you or I, or any business tried this, we would be jailed for fraud. If you ever wondered how the bank system works (in layman’s terms), here’s one explanation… The banks count on the following assumption: That most […]

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Beavers are saving California’s wild salmon

With California’s wild Coho salmon populations down to 1% of their former numbers, there’s growing evidence that beavers – long reviled as a pest of the waterways – are essential to restore the species, writes Maria Finn. In the process, they raise water tables, recharge aquifers and improve water quality. What’s not to love? Beavers […]

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Pixel – extraits

from Adrien M / Claire B PLUS «Pixel» Dance show – created in 2014 Pixel is a dance show for 11 dancers in a virtual and living visual environement. A work on illusion combining energy and poetry, fiction and technical achievement, hip hop and circus. A show at the crossroads of arts and at the […]

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EU Trade Secrets Directive – a threat to health, environment, human rights

The new Commission may have dropped environmental protection from its 2015 work plan – but it’s pressing ahead with a new Directive to protect corporate secrecy, threatening consumers, journalists, whistleblowers, researchers and workers. Under the draft directive companies in the health, environment and food safety fields could refuse compliance with transparency policies even when the […]

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Make a Biogas Generator to Produce Your Own Natural Gas

A 600-gallon biogas generator in Oregon turns 15 pounds of food waste into cooking fuel daily. As food and yard waste decompose, methane and carbon dioxide are created, inflating the rubber bladder to create the pressure necessary to supply a gas burner. This biogas generator was designed by Hestia Home Biogas. Find out more at […]

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Sjekk ut: Vietnamese Landscapes Painted by Phan Thu Trang

Born in Hanoi, artist Phan Thu Trang paints decorative landscapes inspired by images of the city and Northern villages of Vietnam. In her colorful yet minimalistic paintings she works with limited colors and textures, focusing on only bare essentials to create each piece centered around billowing, pointillistic trees. See more of her work over at ArtBlue Studio in Singapore, […]

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Sjekk ut: Gwen Murphy Creates Fantastical Creatures With Shoes

For her wildly imaginative series Foot Fetish, the artist Gwen Murphy creates shoes with carefully rendered faces. Her sculptures range from the humorous to the frightful, from high end footwear to more casual designs. Murphy’s lifelike characters blend seamlessly into the shoes they inhabit, recontextualizing well-worn Converse One Stars, pumps, and ballet flats. Here, footwear ceases to be […]

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