( Husk å sette på HD kvalitet på  innstillingen til youtube ) by: Danny Olda This miniature city is a carefully modeled Tokyo at 1:1,000 scale.  The Roppongi Hills skyscraper, dominant in the Tokyo skyline, celebrates its 10th anniversary by creating this model titled Tokyo City Symphony.  In addition to being intricately detailed, the model Tokyo is accompanied […]

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Reimagining the Urban and Rural as Integrated City Region Landscapes

Urban agriculture in Tokyo, Japan (Kazari Getz Kikuchi) In the past few years, there has been a new urgency in understanding the relationship between urban, peri-urban and rural systems. These systems are inextricably linked and provide important food and natural resources to dwellers across the urban-rural continuum, thus resiliency and sustainability cannot be realized in […]

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Heat, Rinse, Repeat: A Sauna Hut in Sweden

by Christine Chang Hanway In Scandinavia, the ritual of sauna and bathing is a national pastime—a highly social and communal one, we might add. How could it not be? Sitting together intimately in close quarters, conversing about everything and nothing, followed by a quick group dip into an invigorating cold body of water. Repeat several times, […]

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ecological treatment of the aquatic landscape.

Natural Treatment The Biomatrix system is an engineered floating ecology designed to optimize powerful ecological treatment processes within an attractive feature of the aquatic landscape.  The Biomatrix combines the latest developments in ecological engineering with new biofilm research and traditional wastewater treatment processes.  Whole system engineered ecologies provide an energy efficient, low life cycle cost […]

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autumn de wilde

Gasp! How gorgeous is this outdoor installation by photographer Autumn de Wilde?! It’s titledLighting, Layers and Reflections, and from what I can tell she built it/shot it for a Chrysler Escalade ad. Well, whatever it was for, I just can’t get over how gorgeous these little, colorful, mirrored houses are! Oh, I sure hope they left them […]

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Dewdrop inflatable energy-efficient greenhouse responds to its environment

by: Kimberley Mok © C. F. Møller Architekten Be they underground, geodesic or digitally fabricated, greenhouses are structures that give gardening a much-needed boost in more northerly climes. But what if greenhouses weren’t just static structures, but could also change and respond to their environments? In a new tropical conservatory at the Botanical Gardens in Aarhus, built to replace one […]

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What’s the latest trend in New York City real estate? Over the course of the summer and fall of 2013, artist Mary Mattingly constructs and occupies Triple Island (2013), an outdoor sculpture overlooking the East River. Situated in the newly developed Pier 42 public park—a waterfront area flooded by Hurricane Sandy in 2012—the sculpture rests on buoyant 55 gallon drums, […]

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