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Modern Life Is a Frightening Experiment in How Much Exposure We Can Take from Toxic Chemicals

A new documentary reveals how the $770 billion chemical industry is pumping dangerous substances into our lives. Back in 1974, the agricultural multinational Monsanto developed a class of herbicides using glyphosate as the key ingredient. By the 1990s, the company had created corn, soy and cotton seeds genetically altered to resist glyphosate herbicides, meaning farmers […]

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How Toxic Are the Food Colorings in What You Eat?

Big companies like Nestle are quietly making the switch to natural food coloring. What are the dangers?   Nestle announced last week that it plans to remove all artificial colors and flavors from its candy bars. The company said it was doing so in response to consumer preferences, not because there was anything dangerous about the […]

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 17-year-old invents water purifier powered by the sun Australian teen's invention could help make clean water easy and affordable to access.

17-year-old invents water purifier powered by the sun Australian teen’s invention could help make clean water easy and affordable to access.

Australian teen Cynthia Lam wants to change the world, and she has come up with an invention that might help her do just that. Lam, a 17-year-old from Melbourne, always thought she was too young to make a difference. But in 2013, inspired by her love of chemistry and her fascination with female scientists such […]

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Pot Could Save Your Life: 4 Ways Cannabis is Good for Your Brain

It’s not just about getting high–cannabis could save your life.   Modern research is showing that cannabis extracts protect and benefit the human brain. Here’s four amazing ways scientists are showing that cannabis actually helps to keep your brain safe from disease, dementia and even death! #4 – Cannabis promotes new brain cell growth Government […]

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EU Trade Secrets Directive – a threat to health, environment, human rights

The new Commission may have dropped environmental protection from its 2015 work plan – but it’s pressing ahead with a new Directive to protect corporate secrecy, threatening consumers, journalists, whistleblowers, researchers and workers. Under the draft directive companies in the health, environment and food safety fields could refuse compliance with transparency policies even when the […]

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Mushrooms and onions contain immune-enhancing polysaccharides and phytonutrients

(NaturalNews) Plants have had to evolve through various environmental stressors and have developed very sophisticated systems to protect them from predators and the elements. These complex systems offer humans unique survival advantages through reducing oxidative stress and improving immune system coordination. Mushrooms and onions are packed full of immune-enhancing polysaccharides and phytonutrients. Nature provides an […]

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5 reasons why you should take cold showers

Turning off the heat may not sound appealing, but there are some actual health benefits to be had by taking a cold plunge on a regular basis. Have you ever taken a cold shower – a really cold shower? Then you’ll know that bracing sensation as the icy cold water comes pouring out of the […]

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New Zealand Manuka Honey Explained

For centuries manuka honey has been considered a ‘wonderfood,’ a powerful, healing and sticky-sweet substance that we are only beginning to understand. With roots in the therapeutic wound dressings of the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand, manuka honey has transcended natural health circles and is now a coveted food, beauty regimen and medicine by […]

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