3D-Printed Modular Mini Planter System is Drip Irrigation For Other Plants

 Modular Mini Planter System is Drip Irrigation For Other Plants



Aqueduct is a 3D-printed modular mini planter system that you can set up in numerous easy-to-assemble configurations a bit like the old Tinker Toy.


The system shares and transfers water via little connections from the top planter to the lower ones, trickling down and saturating the soil in each planter as it passes through and out the bottom. If positioned above a larger container, Aquaduct functions like a drip irrigation system for the plant below.


I like how Aqueduct can hang in the window like a living screen.



Designer Evan Gant says Aqueduct is perfect for air plants, succulents, or any small plant that requires little soil.


The system, available for $75 from Shapeways, includes 10 planters, 3 double channel planters and 7 single channel planters, and individual planters are also available.

via Mocoloco.

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